St.Peter's beach, sunset from villas

Plakes beach

Plakes beach

Apothikes beach

Saint Peter's beach (SW corner)

Green beach

The village of Arni

View from Upper Gavrio

Sunset over Golden beach

Lefki beach

Surfers at Kypri bay

Plakes beach

Zorkos beach

Port of Gavrio

St. Dimitrios over Palaiopolis bay

View from the NE part of Andros

Ateni beach

Aprovato beach

Golden Beach, bay of Kypri

Mikro Ateni beach

Wetlands off Lefki beach

St. Kyprianos

View from the Villas

Kypri beach

Chalkolimionas beach


Palaiopolis beach

St. Peter's beach

Port of Batsi

Ancient dock, Palaiopolis

Andors, Chora

Andros, Chora

Palaiopolis village

Zaganiaris beaches

Port of Gavrio

Andros is one of the most beautiful and diverse cycladic islands, the greenest with a rich flora and abundant water springs It is also the second biggest of this Aegean group, the round -the -island periphery being about 130km.


There are scores of exquisite beaches ,(, then go to beaches) ,more than 60 , out of which 40 can be reached by dirt or paved roads , not needing a four-wheel (for the rest you have to hire a boat or walk a maximum of 30').

Andros is also an island of culture and of the arts. Moreover as many shipowner families originate from it there is a cosmopolitan flair , for those interested.The goulandris museum at the Capital or Chora is a world class museum, each year hosting high caliber artists ( archaeological museum at the capital Chora and at Paleopolis (the ancient capital) have important exhibits of the past . Kydoniefs museum specializes in modern greek painting.


Andros has also 6 monasteries dating to the byzantine times with important icon collections (,then go to sightseeing and monasteries)The island is a paradise for walkers throughout the year. Many walks are signed and all of them easy to find and follow. For us the two hour walk to the cliff of its highest mountain (Kouvara 990m), where the ruins of an ancient temple and a small church , gave an existential view over the blue aegean sea.

At you can find more about these heart and body fulfilling year round activity.


Agios Petros , our neighbour beach, is excellent for surfing with an experienced surfing center (rents and lessons). Culinary pleasures are also abudent with formal restaurants, gastro tavernas and simple , but indeed gourmet, beach tavernas. For our guests that want to dine at the villas without having to do in house cooking, the nearby well known local gourmet Yannoulis taverna will be more than happy to cater.


With regard to medical care there is a medical center at Gavrio, 3 km from the villas , and a most experienced doctor who serves that area of the island. A dentist is also available.


There are a lot of very scenic villages inland, some of them with great sea views .Being traditionally an agricultural, fisheries and shipowners

community, Andros has escaped from massive tourism and appeals to the more sophisticated visitor.We as your hosts and lovers of the island for more than three decades ( and experienced world travellers) will be eager and proud to offer you information and tips so as to make your first stay at Andros, be that the case, the start of an enduring love relationship for the senses and  the mind.



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